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What should be done to prevent broken hammer drill rod from prying?

From:JIANGYIN JIANGNAN HEAT TREATMENT CO.,LTD.| Autor:Gujian Drill Rod| Count:149| Date:2019-09-23 17:00:36

When operating hydraulic hammer, the drill rod of the hammer should be kept at a vertical working angle as far as possible. when it comes to cotton ore, it is easy to stick the drill rod in the stone. when the drill rod is pried, it will cause a hard pry. If the drill rod is pried shallowly and hard in the stone, it will break its tip. If the deep and hard pry of the jam is used, it will have a new outer root and hair. In mines where drill rods are easy to break, long-pointed drill rods should not be used. Short-pointed square grooved drill rods should be used more appropriately. customers are expected to correctly select the type of drill rods.

The reason of this kind of problem is also caused by the operator's use of the lever of the drill rod, the oblique angle operation and the pulling operation of the excavator. The difference is that there is an irregular triangular fragment at the fracture. This often happens when the excavator's active arm is pulled. At this time, the drill rod has gone deep into the broken object, and the breaking hammer operator often uses the traction force of the excavator's active arm to separate the broken object. At this time, if the traction force is greater than the tensile strength of the drill rod, it will cause breakage. The breaking position is often in the guide sleeve or the lever fulcrum position between the drill rod and the broken object. 。 The drill rod first breaks into two parts under strong lateral stress, and the fracture surface forms a concave-convex pry. The convex part continues to break into a third irregular triangular fragment under the action of the facing object (guide sleeve or fulcrum), expecting customers to operate regularly.


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