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The impurities onthe contact surface shall be cleaned before the operation of the broken hammer drill rod.

From:JIANGYIN JIANGNAN HEAT TREATMENT CO.,LTD.| Autor:Gujian Drill Rod| Count:121| Date:2019-09-23 16:58:10

The wear condition of various parts in the hammer should be checked regularly during the maintenance of the hammer, so as to keep the hammer clean and clean working environment. When the piston and drill rod of crushing hammer are working, such phenomena are easy to occur if there are foreign bodies on the contact surface. Therefore, in the normal operation process, the impurities of the broken hammer drill rod and the contact surface should be checked first.

This phenomenon is not formed in a short time: if there is a high hardness of foreign body between the piston and the drill rod, under the long-term impact, the top plane of the drill rod will form a fine fragmentation, which will gradually spread after repeated piston strikes.

Such foreign bodies and impurities may be larger dust particles produced during crushing, or parts fragments formed by slanting and air striking. These impurities and foreign bodies are the main culprits of fatigue of fittings, and may cause fatal hazards. Therefore, users should check the use of broken hammers regularly and timely to find problems.


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