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How to avoid winding edge of broken hammer drill rod in use?

From:JIANGYIN JIANGNAN HEAT TREATMENT CO.,LTD.| Autor:Gujian Drill Rod| Count:98| Date:2019-09-23 16:56:59

Crushing hammer breaks rock through drill rod to produce huge energy. If rock breaks in time, the energy will be released. If the rock hardness is high and the repeated strikes are still not broken, the energy can not be released in time and must be converted into huge heat (drill rod tip temperature can reach more than 400 degrees Celsius). As a result, the head is warmed up, which shows the phenomenon of edge rolling and even block falling. 

More attention should be paid to avoiding such problems for drill rods engaged in crushing operations in mines with higher hardness. 

The correct operation method is: the same fixed-point strike time should not exceed 30 seconds. If the same breaking point is hit continuously and the breaking effect is not achieved, new breaking points should be found for operation. 

If the hardness of broken rock is generally high, the workplace should prepare cold water to cool the drill rod at any time, so as to avoid reducing the hardness due to the excessive temperature at the tip of the drill rod, which will affect the normal use of the drill rod. 


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