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What kinds of drill rods for hydraulic hammer

From:JIANGYIN JIANGNAN HEAT TREATMENT CO.,LTD.| Autor:Gujian Drill Rod| Count:160| Date:2019-09-23 17:37:56

There are many kinds of hydraulic hammer drill rods, according to different classification methods can be divided into different categories, today's edition will introduce several common classification methods, to see according to these classification methods, hydraulic hammer drill rods can be divided into what types, want to know users can see!

According to the operation mode, the hydraulic hammer can be divided into two categories: hand-held hammer and airborne hammer. According to the working principle, the hydraulic hammer can be divided into three categories: full hydraulic hammer, liquid-gas combined hammer and nitrogen explosion hammer. At present, most crushers belong to this kind of products. According to the structure of distribution valve, hydraulic crushers are divided into two types: built-in valve type and external valve type.

In addition, there are other kinds of classification methods, such as travel feedback crusher and pressure feedback crusher according to feedback mode; low noise crusher and standard crusher according to noise level; triangle crusher and tower crusher according to shell type; drill rod diameter classification; splint crusher and pressure feedback crusher according to shell structure. Box crusher and so on.

Hydraulic hammer drill rod is not used for a long time. Please keep it as follows:

 Clean up the outside of the crushing hammer.

After removing the steel braze from the shell, the anti-corrosion oil is coated.

Before pushing the piston into the nitrogen chamber, the nitrogen in the nitrogen chamber must be discharged.

When reassembling, the parts on the crushing hammer should be coated with lubricating oil before assembling.

If a crushing hammer is to be installed, the process is contrary to the disassembly sequence mentioned above. If the bucket operation is carried out, the hose and the end of the pipeline will be easily contaminated. The contaminated part should be cleaned up immediately (please use hydraulic oil or diesel oil for cleaning).

In addition to the above several classification methods, there are many classification methods of hydraulic hammer drill rods. Here we will not introduce them one by one. Interested users can browse the Jiangnan Heat Treatment Official Website for more reading!

At present, there are many manufacturers producing and selling broken hammer and drill rod on the market, of which there are good and bad. How to select a high-quality and reliable one from these manufacturers has become a concern of many users. Today, the editor will tell you what aspects to start with in selecting broken hammer and drill rod manufacturer, so as to provide reference for users with needs.

Tapered drill rod: Tapered quadrilateral drill rod is a common type in the market. This type of drill rod has strong penetration. Its characteristic is that the force is concentrated at one point to break, which can produce a strong breaking force to break the surface. Even hard and difficult objects can be easily broken, like high and hard. Degree of rock, concrete, etc.

A-shaped grooved drill rod: The working principle is the same as the cone quadrilateral, which gathers energy to crush at one point. But because of the flat design, it seems more wear-resistant, more suitable for dealing with some hard crushed objects, such as high hardness rock, layered concrete and other objects.

Gujian drill rod belongs to Jiangyin Jiangnan Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. It can produce various types of hydraulic crushing hammer drill rod by using its own professional heat treatment advantages and complete advanced equipment, and set stricter enterprise standards on the basis of national standards. It can also produce different types and qualities of drill rods according to the materials produced by different technological processes of different steel mills to meet the diversified needs of customers, and break the passive situation that domestic high-end drill rods rely entirely on imports, thus filling the gap in China. And with high performance price ratio, product quality meets the real needs of customers.

In line with the customer's thinking, according to the actual needs of customers, the company has developed a drill rod suitable for the actual working conditions. It adheres to the principle of quality first and integrity as the basis, and is willing to work with Chinese and foreign customers to create a brilliant future. We should strive to catch up with famous brands abroad and realize the great Chinese dream of "one belt and one road".

Jiangyin Jiangnan Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of broken hammer drill rod, always strives to provide users with high-quality products and services. If you have the need to buy broken hammer drill rod, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Jiangnan Heat Treatment will serve you wholeheartedly!


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