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Gu Jian's drill rod manufacturer teaches you to distinguish the quality of drill rod

From:JIANGYIN JIANGNAN HEAT TREATMENT CO.,LTD.| Autor:Gujian Drill Rod| Count:158| Date:2019-09-23 17:07:04

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers produce and sell drill rods. In order to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition, some manufacturers will choose to use inferior materials to produce drill rods, reduce costs, and benefit from the second best. So how can we distinguish the quality of drill rods when we buy them? The following answers are given:

With the intensification of price competition among manufacturers, many manufacturers choose inferior materials to reduce costs, but the wear resistance of the drill rod decreases, and the service life of the drill rod naturally becomes shorter. At this time, the method of lengthening drill rod is used to make up for its shorter service life. Users will not understand that the decline in life is caused by poor quality materials, and are misled to believe that the total length is longer than the short. As a result, users will find a lot of 100 diameter drill rods 1300 mm long, 140 diameter drill rods 1500 mm long, 155 diameter drill rods 1700 mm long, and think it is the mainstream. In fact, when encountering really bad working conditions, the brazing rod of inferior quality material shows its original shape.

The service life of the elongated drill rod is not longer than that of the high quality standard drill rod, but the shortcomings and hidden dangers of using the elongated drill rod are invisible to many users. The 01 elongated drill rod will increase the probability of the breakage of the drill rod in the use process, which will greatly increase the cost of users. 02 will reduce the impact of the hammer. The crushing hammer uses hydraulic oil and air pressure to drive the piston to and fro to impact the drill rod, so that the energy is transferred from the drill rod to the tip of the drill rod and converted into impact force to achieve the crushing effect. Excessive length of drill rod leads to lower conversion rate of energy during transmission, insufficient hammer striking force and lower work efficiency. 

Above is the feasible method to distinguish the quality of drill rod. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the selection of broken hammer drill rod, please call Gujian drill rod manufacturer.

During normal crushing operation, the hardened layer at the tip of the drill rod of the crushing hammer is hard to the core, and the overall hardness of the head is relatively high, and the edges and corners are distinct, so it has better wear resistance and correspondingly brittle. Therefore, the new broken hammer drill rod just used should pay attention to the correct method of operation: although in the beginning of use, it is not appropriate to use too much impact force, nor to operate directly on rocks with high hardness.

Just like the warm-up before human movement, the new drill rod is preheated for a period of time in the place where the hardness is relatively low and the force is lower at the initial operation. After preheating, the toughness and plasticity of the tip of the drill rod can be improved, so that the drill rod can be in a better working state.

In addition, in the crushing of reinforced concrete structures, the tip of the drill rod will be broken by forced pulling after it is stuck in the steel bar. Customers are requested to re-machine and sharpen the drill rod before continuing to use it.

Correct treatment after tip prizing: The drill rod tip should be stopped immediately after it is found to be broken. If the drill rod tip continues to be used after it is broken, there will be a phenomenon of block dropping. Customers are requested to re-machine and sharpen the drill rod before continuing to use it.

Gujian drill rod belongs to Jiangyin Jiangnan Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. It can produce various types of hydraulic crushing hammer drill rod by using its own professional heat treatment advantages and complete advanced equipment, and set stricter enterprise standards on the basis of national standards. It can also produce different types and qualities of drill rods according to the materials produced by different technological processes of different steel mills to meet the diversified needs of customers, and break the passive situation that domestic high-end drill rods rely entirely on imports, thus filling the gap in China. And with high performance price ratio, product quality meets the real needs of customers.


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