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Corporate culture

Enterprise spirit

Relying on the Advantage of Heat Treatment

To continuously improve customer service, better serve you with sincerity and faith

Our team view

We regard difficulties as a way to test ourselves; cooperation is more important than confrontation is the basis of our success;

Personal shortcomings are not terrible. The key is to see the advantages of others. Comparing with self-arrogance, it is often because one's performance exceeds one's expectations and one should look further.

Employee spirit

Strive to develop and develop oneself;

Kindness and devotion. Don't evade the problem, don't push it.

Insisting on Cooperation, Based on Stability, Improving Insufficiencies and Devoting to Innovation

If you find a problem and don't try to solve it, it will lead to the company's decline.

Department Manager Spirit

Managers should be accountable to customers, shareholders and employees. The mistakes of employees are the problems of managers. Management is not only to manage, but also to manage.

Doing a Big Thing = Doing Many Small Things Well;

Our outlook on work

Society does not need us to provide services that are not competitive, companies do not need us to provide worthless contributions; failure to do a good job is tantamount to no job.

A person who is not responsible for his work is not worthy of trust. Your minor mistakes can cause great trouble to others.

Our common ideal

Products are people's character, and making good products is our only choice.

Our values

Serve the society. Workers are the most glorious. Customers are our God.

Damage to the interests of the company means damage to the interests of every employee.

A person's value = his own value (+) + the value he brings to the rest of the team (+/-). There is a big difference between the two.

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