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Decades of experience in heat treatment industry

Gu Jian drill rod belongs to the drill rod manufacturer of Jiangyin Jiangnan Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. with decades of experience in heat treatment industry, advanced heat treatment processing equipment, testing equipment and modern production workshop.

4.Combining with the advantages of heat treatment industry, different specifications of drill rods can be produced according to different steel mills, material and process requirements, breaking the situation that domestic high-end drill rods depend on imports;

5.All the hydraulic hammer drill rod products manufactured have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the quality of production.

Gu Jian's Drill Rod Matches World's Famous Brand Excavators

has good compatibility and matching performance with the world's mainstream brand excavators, and can be selected according to the comparison table of model parameters of each brand excavator.;

9.Main support: Atlas, Montebey, Bellett, Engineers, Krupp, Reima, Edco, Dongkong, Okada, Hanyu, N.P.K., Stanley, Jianan Electric Machinery, Dongyang, Guanglin, Eddie, Axe Hill, Guhe, Shuishan, Decker and other brand models;

Visit the detailed brand excavator drill rodmodel parameters comparison table

Advanced Technology + Strength Demonstration

14.Gu Jian's drill rod has developed a super wear-resistant drill rod, which greatly prolongs the service life of the drill rod and effectively reduces the operating cost of the enterprise.

15.The company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, safety production standardization enterprise certification, Wuxi heat treatment industry association director unit;

16.GUJIAN DRILL ROD will continue to learn and innovate, strive to break through in practice, catch up the quality of drill rod to the world level, and realize the great Chinese dream of "one belt and one road".

Quality assurance service

18.Customized specifications: The company can produce hydraulic hammer drill rods with diameter of 175, 180, 185, 190 and larger than 195mm.

19.Delivery on time: The general delivery period for small-batch orders is one week, and that for large-batch orders is about 30 days.

China Unified Service Hotline:15052170029


Jiangyin Jiangnan Heat Treatment Co. Ltd. Was Founded In July 23, 1999, Is Located In The Yangtze River Deltaport City - Jiangyin City, East Suzhou, Shanghai, South Taihu, West Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, North Of TheYangtze, Convenient Transportation, Beautiful Environment.Th...

Production equipment

Gu Jian has advanced drill rod production and testing equipment.


Gu Jian's Drill Rod Shares Notices for Drill Rod Use and Relevant Knowledge and Information;

What kinds of drill rods for hydraulic hammer
There are many kinds of hydraulic hammer drill rods, accordi...

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